Reasons You Should Visit Me

I know Cary might not seem like a great vacation destination, but that’s just because you don’t know it like I know it. Let me take you on a virtual journey of the for-real journey we could take if you came here.

1. Steven is a master cook

I don't think I can stress that enough

I don’t think I can stress that enough

Steven treats good food with an almost religious respect, and so you can be sure your trip will be expertly/adventurously catered. Or maybe we’ll go out. Whatever. The point is, you will never have to eat at Chili’s. Which was also part of Steven’s wedding vows to me, I’m pretty sure.

2. Company=Time for Pie

I'm not too modest to tell you that I rock at pie

I’m not too modest to tell you that I rock at pie

Pie is awesome, but it’s impossible for Steven and I to eat a whole pie by ourselves before it gets all mushy and sad. And there’s nothing sadder than having to throw away uneaten pie. So I only bake it for special occasions. Like you! You are a special occasion.

3. The Umstead

If you're feeling fancy

If you’re feeling fancy

The Umstead is North Carolina’s only five star hotel, and it’s right here in Cary! See? We have things here! I’m telling you. It has an awesomely extravagant spa and fancy restaurant too. We went one time.

3a. Fancy Tea

This takes place at the Umstead, but I felt like it needed its own entry because FANCY AFTERNOON TEA WITH A LIVE HARPIST. Here is the fancy menu. Unfortunately, I’ve never been because Steven says he “doesn’t like tea” like they won’t let him have a Coke or something. ONE DAY.

4. Crosswords

Ignore his face, he likes it

Ignore his face, he likes it

Every Sunday we go to Panera and (try to) do the two crosswords in The News and Observer (oh yeah I get the paper, because I am totes an adult). The people who work that shift know us and are pretty great, and sometimes I try to dress up because everyone else there is in church clothes and crossword times are serious times. Plus, most Sundays the Triangle Greyhound Owners Club seems to be meeting on the outside patio tables at the same time, so that’s awesome. You too could join this ritual (actual crossword expertise optional–just ask Steven).

5. Scavenger Hunts



I wrote up a full post about this here. Basically, museum scavenger hunts are the most fun way to visit any museum, and we have a lot of great free ones around here, including the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, NC Museum of History, and NC Museum of Art.

6. Free concerts

Let's say I know a guy

Let’s say I know a guy

Okay, but if, for some reason, that’s not enough for you, Cary also has just a plethora of free concerts and events, plus some not as free. For instance, we’re the summer home of the North Carolina Symphony.

7. Cary History Museum

I literally make everyone who visits me take a picture with this guy

I literally make everyone who visits me take a picture with this guy

This museum is in the attic of the historic Page-Walker Hotel, and it is literally the museum your grandmother would build with her sewing circle in her spare time. It is awesome. Plus, taking a picture with the slightly ominous Doc Templeton mannequin is kind of a tradition.

8. Farmer’s Market

This picture maybe doesn't capture the scope well

This picture maybe doesn’t capture the scope well

Cary actually has a local farmer’s market twice a week, but I usually go to the state farmer’s market, which is only about ten minutes away and open seven days a week. There’s a giant fruits and vegetables pavilion, another that’s just for plants, and a third that has a bunch of local wines, jams, nuts, snacks, and what have you. Plus, there’s a restaurant. And a place where you can buy bouquets of fresh flowers! And different bakeries have kiosks! Including the German bakery! Hello kuchen for breakfast!

9. Hunt Library

This library is amazing

This library is amazing

About 15 minutes away, on NC State’s Centennial Campus, the Hunt Library is new and shiny and full of technology and walls that are actually screens and freaky book robots. They give tours, or you can wander around yourself marveling at everything like my boss and I did one day last winter. She had it on her “Things To Do in America” list, and I don’t think she was disappointed.

10. Servery Challenge

This is the picture I always use for Servery Challenges, always and forever

This is the picture I always use for Servery Challenges, always and forever

Servery Challenges actually began in the actual servery at Wiess, but our most famous since then have usually involved Chocovine. I can’t guarantee you a new Chocovine flavor, but I can guarantee you a fast-paced, loosely-judged cooking competition based on skill, presentation, and bullshit artistry. And Rob trying to game the vote. We can all count on that.

11. Steven needs someone to make fancy drinks for

His dream is to have a dedicated drinks cabinet

His dream is to have a dedicated drinks cabinet

I can’t drink alcohol anymore. Steven is a total lightweight who loves pretending to be a bartender. It’s a tough combination, which you could reap the rewards of. I’m just saying.

12. The Cary

Also, the snack bar has hummus

Also, the snack bar has hummus

The Cary is an awesome restored olde timey theater that just opened up in downtown Cary! It shows old movies and indie movies, as well as musical acts and stage shows. Plus, tickets range between free and $5, less than half the price of going to another theater.

13. Bollywood movies

Samosas are the best movie snack

Samosas are the best movie snack

Cary has a big Indian population, so all the theaters around are usually playing one to two Bollywood titles at any given time. It’s twice the length of a normal movie, but also twice the awesome.

14. Corn Mazes

I claim this corn maze, in the name of tie dye

I claim this corn maze, in the name of tie dye

I don’t know why, but this area has a ton of corn mazes. Haunted night corn mazes, treasure hunt corn mazes, trivia corn mazes, regular old corn mazes… It’s not a successful autumn if Steven and I don’t have a big argument inside at least one corn maze! We didn’t have them in Florida, so I definitely consider it an area attraction.

15. La Farm

La Farm is an actual French bakery started by an actual French dude filled with actual deliciousness. The reason I don’t have any pictures of their breads, sandwiches, pastries, or macarons is because I always eat them immediately.

16. Trixie

Trixie is cooler than me and she knows it

Trixie is cooler than me and she knows it

Trixie makes personalized playlists for guests. Okay, James Fox once got All Boybands All the Time, but their relationship has always been fraught with discord.

17. You can become Internet famous

People who visit me tend to end up on my blog

People who visit me tend to end up on my blog

It just happens, okay? It’s because I’m pretty boring on my own and I’ve vowed to update at least once a week. And if nothing exciting happens to me, I have to think up some filler post like this!

In conclusion, Cary is the ultimate vacation destination, so you should totally visit me. Fact.

4 responses to “Reasons You Should Visit Me”

  1. YESSSSS my dreams of internet fame have been REALIZED

    Now I just have to lay back and wait for all that sweet sweet eCred to start rollin in

  2. Bova says:

    Ahhhh this is sooo persuasive. I definitely want to come visit you!! I think this school year is going to be the year!!! Spring break 2015 in Cary!!!!!

  3. mom ladd says:

    Tea on December 27th? Sounds like a great way to celebrate an anniversary?

  4. Rob says:

    You missed the fact I live here

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