2013 Goal Update: Only 3.5 more months!

9 months into 2013 and I feel like a terrible person. I’m afraid I haven’t made a lot of progress since the last time we talked. Whatever. We’re like 75% of the way through this year, so I officially have senioritis when it comes to 2013.

1. Make at least one recipe from each of our cookbooks: 89%

I’m actually doing good on this one!!!

89%, fools!!!!!!!

89%, fools!!!!!!!

According to my spreadsheet, I only have 4 books left! Yay! I’m glad we can start this post of shame on a high note! The final four are:

The Cooking of Italy
Cake Pops
The Hungry Scientist
Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook

The latter is kind of a joke book based in the Discworld universe, but I think most of the recipes are still valid. I mean, once I convert from weird UK cooking measurements (Gas 4? What?)

2. Read 200 Books: 65%



I know this doesn’t look good, but I’m still confident I can meet this one. So I may spend the whole month of November reading children’s books, but I was probably going to do that anyway, so it doesn’t count as cheating.

3. Knock off one state from my map: 100%!!!!


And it was fun

And it was fun

4. Lift Weights at Least Once a Week: 75%

I’m on this one, gang. I’m on it.

5. Knit a Cardigan: 70%? 0%? Who freaking knows

So I’ve still done nothing new on this at all. It’s like an awkward-looking sleeveless cardigan right now, and I think I also have half of one sleeve. I feel like I may give up on this one, unravel what I’ve done, and use the yarn for some other project. Or like a hundred other projects. I have so much freaking goldenrod yarn.

6. Send Out My Entire Stash of Postcards: 30%

This is the one I always forget when I think of them in my head. I’m probably going to fail to complete it, just out of forgetfulness. Or on December 29th James Fox is just going to receive 48 postcards from me at once. Whatever. Pretty sure he doesn’t read my blog, so this won’t ruin the surprise.


I really have a hard time judging this one. But I am hell-bent on completing it, even if I have to jettison the other 5 uncompleted goals to do so.


73% of the way there! Until I unravel that cardigan, then my score will actually go down. Sigh. Maybe seven was too many goals. I should have listened to that infectious disease and just bummed around all year. Oh well.

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  1. Caitlin says:

    Send me many postcards! Send me a postcard in Texas!

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