2013 Plans: Just Checking In To Remind You You’re Terrible

So we’re about a quarter of the way through 2013, and I thought I should check in to see how well I’m accomplishing my seven amazing goals for this year!!!!

1. Make at least one recipe from each of our cookbooks
As we discussed Friday, I am way behind on this one. I’ve done 6, and there are about 35, which puts me at only 17% complete. I know I come up with a different number each time I count how many cookbooks we have. This is mostly due to me not knowing what constitutes a cookbook or not. A lot of our kitchen stuff came with little booklets that have recipes in them, and some of the food books on the shelf are more about the science of cooking than actual recipes to make. Don’t worry, I’m totally going to make a spreadsheet.

You know it's the only way

You know it’s the only way

I’m certainly not as far behind schedule as I could be, but I definitely need to step it up with this one.

2. Read 200 Books

Goodreads is keeping me honest, but stressing me out

Goodreads is keeping me honest, but stressing me out

This number would definitely be higher if each Game of Thrones book wasn’t so freaking long. Don’t worry, I’ll check out an entire manga series some weekend and catch right back up. I’m behind on this one too, but I am determined.

3. Knock off at least one state from my map of States I’ve Visited

Who knows how much longer beautiful South Dakota will be there?

Who knows how much longer beautiful South Dakota will be there?

I haven’t done this one yet either, but Steven and I have made some tentative plans to visit West Virginia for our birthdays. And by “tentative plans” I mean I said “We should totally just drive there” and he said “Whatever”. I’ll take it.

4. Lift weights at least once a week

Fool, I have been doing it TWICE A WEEK!!!! YES! Finally, a goal I am on track to accomplishing. 1/7

5. Knit a Cardigan

Oh the trials of this cardigan. I’ve had a lot of problems, guys, none of them (that I know of) related to my knitting ability. The pattern I chose doesn’t seem to correspond to US sizes so it’s way too big, the yarn I bought ran out, the yarn I tried to replace it with was a slightly different color… anyway, I was going to give up where I am now, with a weird sleeveless cardigan that is like a sweater vest with buttons, but my mom convinced me it wouldn’t look that weird if the sleeves were a contrasting color. So I bought some new yarn and am starting some sleeves. We’ll see how this turns out. I keep having to make up my own pattern when the one I have doesn’t make sense… but I have 8 months to knit two sleeves, so I think I’m on track for this one too, barring any future ridiculous knitting mishaps. 2/7

6. Send out my entire stash of postcards

I think I have sent 3 out of 50. So, yeah, going to have to go on a postcard binge sometime soon.


Unfortunately, this is the only one I have been diligently working on, but I can’t tell you anything about my progress lest it stop being SUPER SECRET. So far things are AWESOME so I am hoping to be able to show you AWESOME RESULTS by the end of the year. I think I’m even slightly ahead of schedule, but there’s no way to be sure. Still, I’m giving it to me to save my self-esteem. 3/7

So I’m behind on more than half of my seven goals for 2013. Whatever, GO BIG OR GO HOME. I can do this. Even if it means cooking three meals a day and mailing 28 postcards in December. Bring it. I am still hella pumped about each one of these.

Except for you, cardigan. I kind of hate you now.

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