Life Update: January 2, 2012

Dear the Internet,

Happy New Year! What’s new with you? Here’s what’s up with me:

1) I had my first trip to the emergency room on Thursday! How exciting! I cut my foot pretty badly on the glass out of a picture frame (why are those things so sharp??) and rather than attempt reattaching it, the doctor decided to just remove the part I’d almost cut off anyway! My dad took some pictures at the time, possibly because he thought being annoyed at him would distract me from the pain of getting part of me cut off, but I’m not going to show you those. You’re welcome. Here is my foot now, four days later:

I included my non-injured foot so you could see the difference

It’s not a huge wound, but apparently you use the side of your foot a lot more than you think, because I’m still hobbling kind of funny. It’s getting better though! And they assured me that the nail would grow back only slightly wonky. I’m pretty sure this is my foot’s revenge for me airing my past grievances about its size to you.

2) Steven made hoppin’ john for New Year’s yesterday, and it was delicious!

He did a great job, despite distrusting ham!

If you didn’t have hoppin’ john yesterday, or at least black eyed peas, you pretty much missed your chances for a lucky 2012, sorry.

3) Remember that letter project I did last January? I’ve decided to do it again this year! Because it was super fun last time! Watch your mailboxes!!

Unfortunately, I'm out of stylish cloud envelopes

4) Here is a Christmas present hat montage for your amusement:

This one came with a scarf!! Thanks, Grandma!!

Penguin and pom poms!!! Thanks, Mom!!!

Totoro totoro! Totoro totoro! Thanks, Secret Santa!!!


4 responses to “Life Update: January 2, 2012”

  1. mom ladd says:

    You left one of your hats in the van (tall green Christmas tree). I assume you don’t need it right now?

  2. Bova says:

    Oh my gosh!! Your foot wound is so bad! I’m sorry…that must have been so scary. Hope it gets better soon! I shut my pinkie in a sliding glass door before christmas and cried for like an hour. I’m such a baby. The hats are adorbs.

  3. Uncle Bill says:

    Are you sure you didn’t cut it while playing with Steven’s new mandolin slicer? Those things can cut your finger off, you know!

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