I almost forgot it was Tuesday

And have almost forgotten to write probably the last four letters I’ve done! It’s good this resolution was only for the month of January; I’m already running out of motivation and people to write to. I’m considering writing letters to Santa Claus or my future self.

I used to be obsessed with writing letters to my future self. In middle school I would write two a year: one to myself a year from then, and one to myself TEN years from then. I ended up opening all of the “To Patricia in Ten Years” ones early while cleaning out my closet in high school. I don’t remember what I wrote exactly but it was always something along the lines of:

“Dear Patricia in 2010,
I can’t even imagine what your life must be like!!! [hand drawn picture of stars and hearts] Are you a writer? Do you work for a famous magazine? HAVE YOU WRITTEN A BESTSELLER YET? WHY NOT? Did Brad Tolliver ever ask you out? ARE YOU ENGAGED? Too bad you won’t be able to answer these questions. Because you can’t go back in time. Or maybe you can because someone has invented time travel! But I bet there are rules where you can’t come back and talk to me.
You are amazing!!! (I hope)
Patricia in 2000”

Middle School Patricia knew that the first thing Future Patricia would do, given access to time travel, would be to come back in time and save Middle School Patricia from any number of embarrassing incidents involving bad fashion, braces, and boys. So obviously time travel could not be real. Also, she was convinced that whoever happened to be sitting next to her in math class that semester was her OTL. As you do.

If I could ever answer these letters, I would reply that, No, I haven’t written a bestseller yet, because I’m too busy being a superhero with awesome hair. She would be somewhat mollified.

Anyway, I have managed to write to some real people this week:

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