Vermont: When Nature Attacks

One of the things I liked most about our trip to Vermont was all the nature we got to enjoy while we were there! The Green Mountains are beautiful, and the area was riddled with streams, ponds, and waterfalls.

Unfortunately it was still too cold for swimming!

Also, Rachel only had one pair of shoes!

The bed and breakfast we stayed at had its own pond, which was beautiful, especially at 6:00am! The best time to wake up! Yeah, little known fact: my body thinks I’m a farmer.

Not pictured: the hammock to the right I made friends with

They also had a bunch of different trails in the woods! One climbed the hill to a “skyloft” which Rachel and I were determined to see! Even if it did start raining pretty soon after we started.

That's totally a maple syrup line behind Rachel!

We did get to the skyloft eventually! It looked like this:

Since it was raining, there wasn't really a view. :-(

It was still raining when we started our descent, and the steep trails were super muddy! I suggested we take a less steep way back, which ended in us getting really lost in the rain and the mud. Luckily, rather than be worried, it seemed pretty hilarious:

Rachel, resigned to her fate of living in the forest forever. As a mudball.

Finally we came out of the forest onto an empty dirt road with no idea where we were.

No one seemed willing to pick up bedraggled hitchhikers

A car drove past eventually, and the lady inside kindly gave us directions. We finally made it back alive!

Rachel's shoes were pretty much out of commission, however

And that’s the story of how Rachel and I escaped the clutches of nature. And became “mudball dogs” in accordance with the prophecy made by a grizzled old man in a grocery store parking lot. You’re just jealous that Rachel and I meet the best people.

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2 responses to “Vermont: When Nature Attacks”

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  2. mom ladd says:

    Loved all the pics from Vermont! I want to go! Also, I can relate to Rachel’s ruined shoes, I ruined a pair at St Pete’s Graduation last night! So much fun getting soaked though.

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