Vermont: Ben and Jerry’s Factory!

A few weeks ago Rachel was complaining that she didn’t have anything to do until grad school and wanted to take a road trip. I suggested Asheville, and then we went to Vermont. Ben and Jerry’s Factory, you guys!

So totally worth driving for 14 hours!

My favorite part definitely ended up being the Flavor Graveyard where you can mourn departed flavors:
I think we could be hired as professional mourners, or at least professional ice cream mourners.

The tour was really fun (and funny), and we got free samples of Americone Dream at the end! Jeff, the tour guide, said that employees receive THREE free pints of ice cream every day they work. I asked him what he does with fifteen pints a week, and he said he usually trades it for things. Apparently people are totally willing to return to the barter system for ice cream! The tastiest economy. We were so psyched about Ben and Jerry’s that we decided to get tattoos!

Don’t worry, I have plenty more left over for an awesome, ice cream themed tramp stamp. I also have more pictures of our adventures to share later!

Next Vermont Adventure: When Nature Attacks!

2 responses to “Vermont: Ben and Jerry’s Factory!”

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  2. Brian says:

    Three pints? A day? Dream job: acquired

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