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2018 Goals

It’s my favorite time of year! Time to start some new goals!

1. Hike every trail in Umstead State Park


This park is a 5 minute drive from my house, and has about 34 miles of trails. I got some hiking boots for Christmas, and Olivia and I are ready to rock! … Once the temperature gets above freezing.

2. Learn to Juggle

I’ve always wanted to be able to juggle. Maybe this is the year my dreams come true!

3. Review every book I read on GoodReads

I’m meticulous about recording every book I read on GoodReads, to better be able to answer the question “What is the absolute worst book I read this year?”. But I almost always only give them a star rating and move on. This year I’m going to TRY to write actual sentences explaining my rating. I’ve read 2 books so far, and both have seemed like a struggle, so this is the one I’m most worried about completing.

4. Send everyone in my penpal club a birthday postcard
There are 500 people in my penpal club, so this is kind of an insane goal! Not everyone has their address available though, so I’ll probs be sending out less than that. I’ve already mailed 2 batches for people whose birthdays are in the first two weeks of January!

5. Give to a different charity every month
I give to charity fairly frequently, but it’s pretty haphazard and happens mainly when the opportunity is shoved in my face or something pisses me off. I want to be more diligent about researching which non-profits address the issues I care about, especially in my local community. Although, not going to lie, January is probably going to be all about helping Puerto Rico because WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK why is everyone ignoring how messed up a part of our country still is

6. Cook or discard everything in my recipe binder
I keep a binder of recipes I pull out of magazines and such. I need to either cook them and decide they’re good/bad or admit that I’m never going to cook them and throw them out. Just the prospect of this goal made me examine the binder more closely, so right now I only have 61 more recipes to cook. A disproportionate number of them maay be cupcakes. I’ve already started this one, actually. Yesterday I made everything bagel-seasoned scones:

With oats!

With oats!

7. Make Pageapalooza a success!
This is a party I’m planning for all the library pages. Shirts! Games! Food! Peanut butter pretzels! I’m hoping it’ll be a fun time.

So there it is. I’ll update you in April.

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