The Blog

This blog was started in the spring of 2009 to catalog an epic road trip around the country. Since then it has had many uses, including being very opinionated about books, shamelessly showing off things I’ve made, and letting my mom know I’m alive even if I am somewhat neglectful about calling her. The design was created by long-suffering web developer Steven Wiggins, who thinks that giving someone the domain name of their name is super romantic. The blog changes from Night to Day at 7am and back at 7pm. Or it’s supposed to. Sometimes it does what it feels like.

The Author

The contents of this blog are conceived and written by Patricia Ladd, or “Pladd”, a nickname I acquired by receiving a staggering number of packages in college with it sharpied on the side for identification. In my spare moments I enjoy: cupcakes, having adventures, being from Florida, and making things from other things. Currently a senior recruit of the International Librarian Corps, my short term goals include entering either Library Special Ops or the Copyright Defense Squad; my only long term goal is infamy.


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