2017: The Bad

And now for the worst books I read in 2017. These are the ones I rated only 1 star on GoodReads (you can’t rate 0). Surprisingly, there are only 6 this year, which I guess means I was either better at picking books or was in a more generous spirit this year. And the very worst of them was:

Love Bites by Angela Knight
I got this in the Romance Novel of the Month subscription box I had for a while. The back cover promises a tale of VAMPIRE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE, which is such an amazing concept, I think my hopes were way too high. First of all, it is not a historical fantasy that posits King Arthur and his knights were actually vampires. It takes place in the present day, with King Arthur and his knights still alive, and hanging out mostly in some alternate vampire dimension with their paired off lady vampires who can also do magic. And for a book about vampires… NO ONE GETS BITTEN. So disappoint.

Competitions by Sharon Green
I have no idea why this whole series isn’t on here, because I read three of them this year and they all really sucked. The writing is clunky, the plotting slow and ridiculous, the main characters are all super attractive perfect Mary Sues, and their Captain Planet powers somehow manage to still be lame.

The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami
I’m willing to admit that I am probably wrong about this book. But I didn’t get it. A boy is trapped in a library by some kind of evil librarian that wants to eat him. He escapes with the help of his guard and a sort of ghost girl. The end, nothing is explained.

Those Secrets We Keep by Emily Liebert
This book promised to be about female friendships and DARK SECRETS, but it was more about bad writing and hateable characters.

Sexy Beast II by Kate Douglas
Another acquisition from the romance novel of the month box. Of course it was bad. Sadly it was not about some kind of sexy Tarzan despite the cover.

Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn
The main character of this book is a teen girl descended from one of the Brothers Grimm, cursed to live out fairy tales one by one until she either gets killed by them or breaks the spell. An okay premise, but executed pretty badly. Her school goes on a field trip to AN EVIL BAKERY.

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