2015 Goal Update: Halfway!!

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through 2015 already!! Time, once again, to check in on my yearly goals. Honestly, these updates are the only thing keeping me honest about them. Here we go.

1. Read one book a month I think I’ll disagree with: 50%

I had to break out of my habit of reading these in conjunction with Goal 7 because there wasn’t a lot to choose from in, say, the language section. I pretty much agree with linguists about the history of the English language, for instance. All the books this time around I got as ebooks for free, either through Amazon or Overdrive.

April: Neverland by Anna Katmore

I was pretty sure this would be terrible because Sexy YA Captain Hook

I was pretty sure this would be terrible because Sexy YA Captain Hook

What if a girl from our world was magically transported to Neverland? And Captain Hook wasn’t a sketch old dude trying to murder children, but a hot, misunderstood teen? This book wasn’t as terrible as I thought. There was some legitimate world-building there, and I remain mildly curious about the sequel. However, I was judging it leniently based on the $0 I paid for it, not the $2.99 it’ll cost you if you don’t have Prime.

May: How to Spice Up Your Marriage in 7 Days by Imogen Barnet

Okay, this book was legitimately hilarious. Most of the advice was pretty standard, basic information, like “talk to each other about what you like” and “remember to kiss sometimes.” But there were some key tips that taught me my marriage is in no way spicy.

Look deep into each others’ eyes for four full minutes. Set your phone alarm.

This is supposed to make you feel “closer” and help you bond, but it is legit just creepy.

Give gifts, even simple things like a flower, shell, or stone.


June: Radical by David Platt

In this book David Platt attempts to come to terms with megachurch culture in America in light of the basic Christian tenets of humility, charity, and simplicity. It was interesting to get an insider perspective on megachurches, although some of his solutions for cutting back seemed kind of pale to me. “One day a week we study the Bible instead of using our pyrotechnics.” Nice try.

2. Finish I Detonate Around Him: 100%


Ugh, then just a month after my last post, ELJames released a terrible side book from Christian’s POV, so now I’m doing that too. But I’m still counting it as done.

3. Visit Every Restaurant on my Restaurants To Visit List: 74%

The best one I’ve been to since last update is Battistella’s, an awesome Cajun restaurant in downtown Raleigh! Definitely worth the drive!

4. Review at least 1 thing online a month: 50%

I’m also proud to say that I’ve finally given a place less than 5 stars!! The Cary Cafe near me got 4 stars (because they are sometimes too crowded to find a seat, and their hours can be weird), the Neverland book (see above) got 2 stars, and Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood got 3 stars. I know that seems weird after the awesomeness that is the ice cream dessert, but unless you are going specifically for that, I would definitely not go back.


5. Plaid Pladd Blog: One guest post per month: 42%

In April, Melissa wrote some craft tutorials, in May my voice-twin Anna taught me how to make the best soup, and before the end of June, Alana should have an amazing guest post up! Then this will jump to 50%

6. Knit a sweater: 70%

I haven’t done too much since the last time we talked. I now have a front, a back, and a sleeve. I’ve been putting off doing the other sleeve because ugggh I already did that once, so boring, and then there’s sewing it together and blocking. But I don’t really have motivation to do it in the 100 degree weather.

7. Get hella into a different Dewey Decimal Class every month: 50%

This is definitely the goal that’s suffered the most when I get busy, but I have managed to read some cool science books this month, particularly children’s ones. Plus, I didn’t quantify what “hella into” means, so I can still count it. It’s all about leaving yourself outs.

Total: 62%

Woooo ahead of schedule for once!!

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