The Cary Listserv Needs Your Help Catching 10-year-old hooligans

Guys, I got the best email from the Cary Listserv yesterday!

Cary PD Wants Help in Wiping the Nose of Taggers Who’ve Sprayed “Snot” and “Booger” Throughout Town

CARY, NC – The graffiti that has covered at least 20 Cary businesses, apartment complexes, roadside signage and parks is nothing to sneeze at, and the Town of Cary Police Department is hoping the public can help sniff out the vandals. From January through April, citizens reported “Booger” and “Snot” tagged at locations inside or just outside of the Maynard Loop, including multiple Project PHOENIX communities, Lexie Lane Park, Dunham Park, and the bridge on NW Maynard Road. No graffiti caused permanent damage, and the phrases are not believed to be gang-related markings.

I just find it hard to believe that anyone over the age of 10, when deciding to graffiti a building, would go with “snot”. Maybe a gang of really sheltered teens, finally trying to rebel but with no idea how? Either way, love it.

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