2013 Goal Update: halfway point

So six months in to 2013, and here’s how my list of goals is going:

1. Make at least one recipe from each of our cookbooks: 50% complete!

Steven tried to help me with some of the Roman ones by making some kind of cheese dip that just tasted like salt. It somehow tasted saltier than just eating straight salt. Still have the ice cream AND ice pops books to do, just in time for summer!! Also, this weekend we finally tackled the sushi book, and it turned out deliciously:

Not gonna lie: Steven did all the work for this one

Not gonna lie: Steven did all the work for this one

2. Read 200 books: 40% complete


So I’ve read 80. Whatever. How many have you read?

3. Knock off at least 1 state from my map: 100% COMPLETE!

West Virginia!!!

West Virginia!!!

4. Lift Weights At Least Once a Week: 50% complete, I guess?

Since this has to happen every week, I can’t finish it early.

5. Knit a cardigan: 70% complete

So I’ve done nothing on this since the last time we talked. It’s fine. I still got this.

6. Send out my entire stash of postcards: 5% complete

Whatever, I do what I want.


Am I halfway done? Will I make it? EVEN I DON’T KNOW–that’s how secret it is.


On average, I am 52% of the way to meeting my goals. That’s good enough for me!

Let’s talk again in September.

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