It’s my birthday!!!!

Our main birthday shenanigans happened last weekend when I finally fulfilled one of my 2013 Goals! I’ll write a whole post on that later, with photographic evidence in case you don’t believe me.

But right now let’s talk about my birthday! So far it has been awesome! I did some work, started a new jigsaw puzzle (this is the kind of thing I get legitimately excited about), and went to the library! I also got to talk to Bova, and my Mom’s 5th period pre-calc class!! Then Steven finally let me open my present, which he craftily smuggled back from West Virginia without my noticing:

Another instrument for me to be mediocre at!

Another instrument for me to be mediocre at!

It’s a dulcimer!!!

It’s more of a leap than that time I went from guitar to ukulele, but luckily the dulcimer is so pretty that you don’t really have to know what you’re doing to sound okay. I’m excited to be annoying Steven by playing the same three chords for hours on end!

Later I’m going out with Rob to get some serious banana pudding! And also dinner, I guess. Go Team Gemini!!!

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