Go Big or Go Home

I may have mentioned in my post about my plans for 2013 that my motto for this year is “Go big, or go home”. I may be behind on all my other 2013 goals, but at least I’m living up to that.

I have wanted pink hair for pretty much the last ten years, and finally that dream is a reality!!! And so much more pink and amazing than anything I had imagined!!! Probably because I didn’t try to do it myself. First, bleached a little of the color out, which wasn’t bad because it was already pretty light. Though nothing like this:

Yeah, I look like a long lost Malfoy.

Yeah, I look like a long lost Malfoy.

Or possibly a Khaleesi. I waited a day in between this step and the dyeing. My workout class was impressed, but commented that it was “a little bright”. GET PSYCHED FOR MONDAY, GUYS, because this is coming at you:

I checked, but sadly I don't glow in the dark

I checked, but sadly I don’t glow in the dark

The dye they used is called Elumen, and the hairstylist told me “it works magnetically”. Which sounded kind of sketchy, but then I searched for it online and totally found a brochure with diagrams of ions, so I guess that is accurate, even if I still don’t understand it. Unlike every other hair dye I’ve ever heard of, it is oxidation-, peroxide-, and ammonia-free, so my hair still feels as soft as ever. TAKE THAT, ROB. He thought encouraging me in my dream would be his path to victory in the Soft Hair Wars (stalemated since 2008), but I am still killing it. Your move, Robert the RoughScalp.

Expect more pictures/tales of pink hair glory/mournful comments from my mom in the days to come!

6 responses to “Go Big or Go Home”

  1. Barb says:

    Lovin it!
    Needs to be behind the desk of a YS department. Since you aren’t making department calls, maybe, just maybe….
    Would be so worth it just for the reactions.

    • pladd says:

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s against the vast amount of public libraries’ dress codes for some reason. I don’t really get the anti-fun colors prejudice people have.

  2. Karol says:

    My dream hair! – LOVE IT!

  3. Uncle Bill says:

    Very cute, Pladd!

    But what about the eyebrows? They don’t match the hair.

    Now everyone will know that iridescent pink is not your real hair color! Honestly, I’ve seen a few makeover shows in the past, and the brows are always dyed to match the hair (or so I’ve heard).

    I’ll bet Thomas’ trousers are turning green with envy…..

    • pladd says:

      Yeah, I was actually deciding between pink or purple, and eventually went pink because I thought my eyebrows would look less weird.

      Jonathan also mentioned Thomas’ pants. One of my friends was like “Is that some kind of family code? What does it mean???” Thomas hasn’t said anything about my new hair, so I assume he has died of jealousy.

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