So yesterday I almost had a heart attack…

I saw the email subject, screamed, and dropped my phone on the floor

I saw the email subject, screamed, and dropped my phone on the floor

Steven was there, he’ll tell you.

First I just hyperventilated. Then for a brief, shining second I thought “We are going to become BFF!!!!” Then finally my brain reminded me of all the times I’ve made fun of Merlin II or Choppy McAxeFace or Mustache Sam and decided it’s possible that what he really wants is REVENGE. You know what they say: Keep your friends close, and follow your enemies on Twitter. I started to get kind of panicky.

Then I realized he probably just follows everyone that follows him. It’s not like he googles himself constantly, has read my blog, and wants to keep tabs on me because I seem too obsessive (I’m not that obsessive, Sam, I just like to finish things I start). So I can continue the Sam Neill Project without fear of angry Sam Neill reprisals.

Unless I go missing and then later you discover my axed-up corpse.

You'll know why

You’ll know why

3 responses to “So yesterday I almost had a heart attack…”

  1. mom ladd says:

    It’s About Time Sam Neill!

  2. Brian says:

    Uh… does he have a bottle of wine on his head?

    • pladd says:

      Yeah, he runs a winery in New Zealand! I thought getting a bottle would be the perfect way to celebrate the inevitable end of the Sam Neill Project, but alas, it isn’t available in the US

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