NaNoWriMo 2012! Now with Audience Participation

I’m back!!! NaNoWriMo wrap up time!!!

For my fifth year of NaNoWriMo I decided to give James Fox a fighting chance by doing a confusing Pick-Your-Own-Adventure novel, but alas, I’m still just too talented:

Although James put up a much better fight than last year! One day, James. One day.

Here’s another chart, just because this is how I motivate myself:

Unlike previous years, my progress was much more sporadic, with days of slacking off followed by days of wild writing abandon. It’s hard to be disciplined when you’re also responsible for sending James multiple texts a day that just read “ARE YOU WRITING YOU CAN DO IT DON’T GIVE UP!!!” I know what you’re thinking, and, yes, it is amazing that we’re still friends.

Condescended version

I know usually I just give you a wordle and tell you it was “like reading the whole thing” but this year, you actually can!!! I figured because it was a Pick-Your-Own-Adventure, it might be fun to click your way through and attempt not to die (hahaha, good luck) so I forced Steven to make THIS!

Unlike crappy paper book versions of interactive stories, there’s a handy back button at the top and a “Start Over?” button at the bottom! Plus, it is super mobile friendly. Hours of fun are soon to be yours! Highlights to look for include:

Sometimes after you die, you can choose to come back as a ghost!
The part where you can just choose to keep reading random romance novel excerpts I’ve written for you
Inexplicable Captain Planet crossover
The part where you turn into a face-eating tiger
Sir Mix-A-Lot guest appearance

Get pumped

Also, I got rid of all the curse words that were in the original draft by replacing them with either “blast” or “malarkey” with a find and replace. Apparently that’s how they roll in Mazelandia.

7 responses to “NaNoWriMo 2012! Now with Audience Participation”

  1. The Real James FOX says:

    Next year I will smite you patricia! I wasn’t even trying this year!

  2. I have successfully cloned myself

    This is the reason my success is inevitable

    Unless it’s just twice as much procrastination


    • The Real James FOX says:

      Shun the imposter!! SHUN!!

      • When two James Foxes meet

        They must fight to the death

        come at me bro

        • Shit I just realized you have one up on me to start with

          Because you’re like The Real Ghostbusters animated television show

          All Egon and Stay Puft and ECTO1

          While I’m like that retarded Filmation Ghostbusters animated television show

          All Jake Kong Jr and Fib Face and Ghost Buggy

          Well played my doppleganging adversary

          Well played indeed

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