Servery Challenge: Condiments

I know how you feel. It’s been almost six months since our last servery challenge! How can this be? How have we gone so long without seeing blurry pictures of questionable concoctions? Don’t worry, that streak is now at an end!

You all know Servery Challenge rules. 10 minutes. 4 competitors. 1 victor. The others face the dual risk of shame and food poisoning. This time the challenge was to create this best condiment (tested with french fries). It had to have at least three ingredients, and voting took place by secret ballot. Here are the entries:

Taco Frito by James

Name: Taco Frito
Creator: James Fox
Ingredients: taco seasoning mix, Mexican 4 cheese blend, ketchup

It may look like a mutated French fry whose brains are exploding out of it, but this actually didn’t taste that bad if you could get over its texture and appearance. James learned the hard way that some kinds of cheese are just not made for melting.

Dillpocalypse by Steven

Name: Dillpocalypse
Creator: Steven
Ingredients: oil, raw egg, salt, pepper, dill, season salt

So Steven apparently tried to kind of make his own mayonnaise, and it ended poorly. It had the consistency of soup and the added excitement of wondering if you were about to get salmonella. No one wants to dip their fries in salmonella-dill-water, Steven.

Presto Pesto by Patricia

Name: Presto Pesto
Creator: Me
Ingredients: mayonnaise with olive oil, basil, garlic

I admit to being a little disappointed with myself for going with the easiest thing I could think of. My first thought was to go with a dessert-themed dip, but then I remembered the horror of the SquidStache and was too scared. I think I got the proportions a little off, and some people might say it was “too garlicky”, although I have yet to see scientific evidence that this concept even exists.

Hunka Hunka Burning Love by Rob

Name: Hunka Hunka Burning Love
Creator: Rob
Ingredients: vanilla yogurt, curry powder, chili flakes, hot sauce

This one definitely won most creative, and maybe even most surprising? When I was watching Rob make it, I was skeptical, but it wasn’t as bad as your taste buds imagined! I think if he had used regular instead of vanilla flavored yogurt it would have been more of a contender. As it was, the dip was definitely not unpalatable, but featured a strange aftertaste and a confusing mix of sweet and spicy.

After tallying the votes the winner was…

Me!! And Presto Pesto!!

It would probs be better on a sandwich than fries. I think it mainly won because it has the least weird consistency of all the entries. Dedication to taste at the expense of consistency has been the downfall of many a servery challenge competitor in the past. I’m almost positive it’s the only reason I lost Blue Raspberry Challenge. What else was stopping blue raspberry mashed potatoes??

See you next time Chocovine puts out a new flavor!!

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