James’ Visit + Patriciagenda Update!!

After a week, I’m proud to report that James Fox and I have crossed 28 items off the Patriciagenda!! That means that (for the moment) we’ve actually accomplished over half of the total 118 items on the Patriciagenda (62 complete vs. 56 incomplete). But, like the Constitution, the Patriciagenda is a hallowed, living document designed to change with the times, so I’m sure that statistic will be invalid soon enough. Here’s what we were able to accomplish this week!!

21. Read through our script!!! (any of them!)

This year our script was probably 1/4 montages

46. Play Liebrary
75. Find Alana the best North Carolina present!!!
76. Go to a bunch of free museums!!!

Including the one-room Cary History Museum!!

78. Umstead Park!
79. Canoeing??
83. Mellow Mushroom Pizza
84. James and Patricia both dare to try Gummy Bear Juice to see if it makes them bounce/defeat ogres

Also, we met some statues

85. Condiment-themed servery challenge! (more on this later)
87. Creepy cemetery visit!!!
88. CORN MAZE!!!!
90. Visit Steven at Work!!!
91. Cause all kinds of drama

Punch You In The Face Bike levels of drama!

92. COLOR!!!!
94. Get James pumped for NaNoWriMo in a training montage!!!!
97. James asserts his dominance over the fancy coke machine at hipster hot dogs

James could assert his dominance over anything

98. Find Toby a birthday present to celebrate his becoming a man in the eyes of the National Alcoholic Beverage Control Association
99. Patricia punches someone in her knitting class
100. Go on a hike!!!! Pretend we are Lewis and Clark (I CALL LEWIS!!!!)

James, naming everything in sight after him/William Clark

Me, failing to climb some rocks and lying on the floor instead, just like Meriwether Lewis

104. Prank calls with Rob!!!! (or TO Rob?)
105. Dramatically throw something into the sea/a body of water
107. Call people we know; sing to them
113. Name the scary giant spider to appease it

I dub thee, Shelob Jr.

115. Dessert Dip!
116. Mustache Consultation Session with Steven
118. Draw self-portraits!!!

Bam! We’re awesome

5 responses to “James’ Visit + Patriciagenda Update!!”

  1. mom Ladd says:

    Totally looked like a lot of fun! Loved all the pictures.

  2. Bova says:

    Sounds AWESOME.

  3. Caitlin says:

    I love the self portraits!

  4. In retrospect we should have had pose with as many inanimate people as possible on the Patriciagenda because we completed the HELL out of that item


  5. B Fox says:


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