Steven’s Hair Round 2: Spitfire

You probably remember that for the last two months Steven has had rainbow hair. But his roots were growing out, and some of the colors (particularly the green) had faded to look kind of weird so it was time for a change. Here are some before shots:

I wonder how often Rainbow Dash has to touch up her roots

This side looks better, but the yellow and orange have kind of become one

There was much debate about what he should do. Melissa was all for a full on Gilderoy Lockhart, but then he would have to wear only lavender-colored wizard robes, which would be kind of hard to play tennis in. Both Vinyl Scratch and Twilight Sparkle had color combos that would have looked really cool, but it turned out to be impossible to dye them on top of the yellow he already had going on. So, he decided on Spitfire!!

She’s the captain of the Wonderbolts!! They do tricks and fail to save people from dragons.

I think it turned out pretty great:


The back

This side has the most flames

I feel like I’m married to an anime character and it is awesome.

2 responses to “Steven’s Hair Round 2: Spitfire”

  1. TheJamesFox says:

    He’s like an non-rotund Heat Miser

    I love it

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