Some wedding dresses that confuse me

Sorry I’ve been absent for the past week–I’ve been having some trouble with the wireless on my laptop. However, I’m expecting an EXCITING ADVENTURE tomorrow, complete with photographic proof, so stay tuned!!!

To tide you over, here are some pictures of wedding dresses that confuse me. I ripped them out of Brides magazine. Before you get kind of weirded out that someone who’s been married for 10 months is buying Brides magazine, I should explain that the person who lived in this apartment before me apparently forgot to change the address on their subscription. I can’t decide if I will be pleased or sad when they realize their error.

This dress may actually be normal, but I can’t tell because the model has buried her face in plants.

Maybe it’s for really shy brides. Or maybe she’s way hungry.


This is not a veil, lady, it’s a blindfold. And if you feel like you need one to get through “your big special day” you might be marrying the wrong person.

Okay, but how are you going to walk?

Really, even if you do not having a Wedding Tank or Wedding Swings like an awesome person, you are still planning something that requires movement besides standing perfectly still, right? I guess there are lots of brides way more coordinated than me, but this seems to be just asking for a hilarious face-plant. But then you’d probably become briefly youtube-famous, so worth it?

What the F is on your head?

No, seriously, WHAT is on your head?

Because I think it’s still alive. But wishes you would put it out of its misery.

I guess I’m not really in the target demographic for this magazine, even when I was planning a wedding.

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