BronyCon: Day 3

The last day of BronyCon!! I already knew we were probably going to leave before the official end at 7pm because of the 9 hour drive back, but our day ended up being even shorter than I anticipated. I think we were both kind of tired.

But, don’t worry, I still had plenty of time for science observation:

There was also a moment, right before the writer’s panel started, where I can only guess that I was starting to assimilate:

Security pony? Really? In my defense, they were wearing shirts with the show’s royal guards on them:

In Equestria, there’s apparently a strict only-blue-hair guard hiring policy

But they did end up having to guard us from something after all!!

I was too busy evacuating the area in a calm manner, but Steven stopped to take some pictures

Some blurry pictures, but you get the idea

Along with everyone else

BurnyCon: My Little Pyro: Fire is Magic

But eventually they got everyone to evacuate outside. We didn’t know how long we would have to wait or what the schedule would be like when/if the con started up again. So we decided to start our journey a little earlier than expected. Luckily, it wasn’t as terrible as the drive up, but it wasn’t entirely without incident:

It’s a legitimate fear. Do you tip them? How much? Why do they exist still? I will probably never understand. New Jersey is a strange, strange place, you guys.

Also, an awful place. Did I mention that?

But, we made it home okay, at like 9pm instead of 2am like I had been anticipating. What a fun trip!! Although…

Just a hunch, but I think Klimpaloons rock at karaoke

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