A Table Whose Name is Ingo

So last Saturday Steven and I drove to the Charlotte IKEA to find me a sewing table. Or at least a table that doesn’t involve sitting on giant pillows on the floor like our current model.

I have other pictures of us sitting at the table, but this one is the best for obvious reasons.

My sometimes-nemesis Brian Reinhart once told me that he views IKEA as “the greatest triumph of modern capitalism”. For once, Brian Reinhart is right. This IKEA was so crowded! It was pretty much exactly like being at a theme park, complete with large lettered signs to help you remember where you parked. People had driven for all over just to cheaply buy furniture, and even though we waited in line for like 40 minutes at the check out, there was a festive atmosphere as people compared purchases and considered buying anything lingonberry flavored.

Also I spent the entire drive there singing along to Jonathan Coulton’s IKEA song:

That may be why I ended up with a table whose name is Ingo? I’m pretty sure oft-repeated, needlessly catchy ads completely work on me, even if they’re not necessarily meant as ads. I did look at the other tables, but this one seemed the right size and a little more sturdy. Steven assembled it for me in like 10 minutes:

Next time, Billy the Bookcase?

I’m pretty lucky Steven knows a lot about making furniture (the only downside to IKEA was listening to him mutter “I could make you this if my tools weren’t all back in Texas” at everything) because otherwise I would have thought “Done! Table time!” but he says we have to stain it or paint it and finish it or something so it doesn’t warp and absorb moisture. Of course my initial reaction when he asked what I wanted it to look like was “OMG PURPLE OBVS” but, who knows, I might go the classy adult route for my classy adult new apartment. Only time will tell.

3 responses to “A Table Whose Name is Ingo”

  1. mom ladd says:

    Love the new table. Glad you are getting some use out of the fabric I brought!

  2. Uncle Bill says:

    Nice table!

    May I suggest a purple stain with a a few coats of polyurethane?

    I’m pretty sure that Home Despot has some colorful stains – try the Minwax brand – they have a ton of stain samples in the paint aisle.

    It’s probably best that Steven wasn’t in Texas with his tools to make you a table. Who wants a sewing table made out of mesquite?

  3. Steven says:

    Home Despot! I love it!

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