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So I bought some supplies for making wings, since both of our costumes are of pegasus-ponies, but we ultimately decided they would be annoying to wear all day. So I had all these left over materials, and decided to jazz up my costume a little bit. First I learned how to braid five strands at once (I know, getting fancy!!) and made a bracelet out of some wing-fabric so I’d have something the color of Daring Do’s coat:

I know it’s not rainbow hair, but we can’t all be as cool as Steven

I used a kind of combination of this bracelet tutorial and this headband tutorial.

Speaking of headbands, I decided to make one using the above tutorial out of some old gray t-shirts of varying shades to match Daring Do’s grayscale color mane and tail:

My expression says, “Steven, you’ve taken 12 pictures already, please let this be the first non-blurry one” And it was!

And then I remembered, wait, no one will even see this headband anyway, because, OH RIGHT I BOUGHT THE BEST HAT EVER:

Sorry I don’t have a tutorial on how to get this yourself. I guess just try to be awesome like me?

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3 responses to “Bronycon: MY HAT MY HAT MY HAT”

  1. TheJamesFox says:


    I can’t wait to learn all about the intricacies of the my little pony fandom! I hope they are as ridic/amazing as other fandoms

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