Things I’ve Made: Jean Bag!

Last week I made a bag or large purse out of an old pair of Steven’s jeans! I offered to let him keep it since they were his, but he graciously declined.

Big enough to carry some books!

I already had a heavy denim needle and thread for my machine from the jean skirt I made, so this was a relatively quick, easy project.

Here's the back

I ended up using almost all of the jeans!

Let MSPaint and I show you how!

I started off following this tutorial with a few changes. For instance, I did a lot less fitting to my flap, and sewed it to the outside instead of the inside. Also, my straps are a lot longer!

I can’t wait for Steven to try to get rid of more clothes!!

One response to “Things I’ve Made: Jean Bag!”

  1. mom ladd says:

    So Creative! I am impressed.

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