Servery Challenge: Blue Raspberry Edition

I am so behind on my Servery challenge recaps I actually have TWO to tell you about! Stay tuned for St. Patrick’s Day Challenge later!

So Blue Raspberry Servery Challenge began when I gave Rob a bottle of blue raspberry flavored syrup for his birthday! It was technically for flavoring snow cones but I figured he could use it to flavor all his food since it’s his favorite flavor. Somehow this turned into a servery challenge!

As usual, I had such a great plan that I finished first! Everyone else was clearly trying too hard:

Our kitchen is maybe not the best set up for such things

Steven even did some actual cooking!

Like with the stove and everything!

The Entries
Unfortunately, it’s been about a month since this challenge, so I’ve actually forgotten the amazing names that everyone made up. So I’ve tried to approximate them.

The Smurfelberry by James Fox

The Smurfelberry

Ingredients I remember: Rum, margarita mix, blue raspberry syrup, ice, lime to garnish, blue sugar on the rim

This one actually tasted pretty good, especially if you like things that taste kind of fake. James is also maybe the only one who added more than the minimum required amount of blue raspberry syrup!

The Slut by Rob

The Slut

Ingredients I remember: Apples, mozzarella cheese, canned peaches, blue raspberry syrup

The Slut wasn’t as bad as it looked, especially if you got a bite with some cheese on it. Some people claimed they would even like to eat a little more of it, except that Rob decided to mix it with mine after the judging, making that impossible. Here’s why:

Blue Spudsberry by Patricia

Blue Spudsberry

Ingredients: Instant Mashed Potatoes, Blue Raspberry Syrup, Water

The beauty of this recipe is its simplicity. I just substituted the blue raspberry syrup for most of the water you’re supposed to mix into the fake mashed potato powder. They don’t have any “plain” instant mashed potato flavors so it also had a buttery taste. Delicious! It actually tasted mostly like mashed potatoes with an after taste of delicious fake raspberry.

Gangrenous Cake by Alana

Gangrenous Cake

Ingredients: Angel food cake, raspberries, blue raspberry syrup, lemon pudding, ???

Like most servery challenge novices, Alana blew most of us out of the water by actually trying. She topped her angel food cake with a kind of pudding sauce that tasted more lemony than blue raspberry, and some actual raspberries! It was delicious.

The Trying Too Hard by Steven

Trying too hard

Here’s a close up:

Steven loves presentation, of course

Ingredients: Key lime pie, blue raspberry sauce, sugar, water, whatever else you put in a “reduction sauce”

Steven’s was essentially key lime pie he bought at Food Lion with a blue raspberry kind of sauce. Of course it tasted good–who doesn’t like key lime pie?

The Voting
I forget who voted for what. Sorry. But Alana won!


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