Life Update: January 10, 2012

Today I wore a shoe for the first time since the foot thing happened! It was very exciting! Still walking a little oddly but I am definitely on the mend!

Obviously I have been using my time to fulfill my January Vow to write a letter each day:

Some of my letters are apparently taking the scenic route

Unfortunately, I have been as yet unable to mail any of these letters since I am out of stamps and, until today, unable to go out and get more. Sorry for the hold up, massive pile of typewritten pages! You’ll be on your way shortly!

Yeah, that’s right. Spoiler alert: I’m writing all letters on my brand new typewriter! Get excited for endearingly poor punctuation and words oddly broken off because they won’t fit on one line and I don’t really get the auto-return function yet. Don’t you see that makes it more amazing? Of course you do. You can barely contain your excitement, I can tell.

One response to “Life Update: January 10, 2012”

  1. Uncle Bill says:

    Dear Pladd,

    Glad to hear you have returned to the teeming masses of bipedal humanity! You be kicking ass with that foot again soon. (Sorry, Steven….)

    I’m excited to see a squiggly line meandering in our general direction! Has Steven cut his finger off yet?

    Keep getting better.


    Uncle Bill

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