Honeymoon Adventures!

Brian pointed out to me this weekend that I have yet to talk about the adventures I had on my honeymoon!! I think he was being sly, but he should know that the Ladd way is to take people completely seriously until you win (ex: my dad refusing to acknowledge that the word ‘cool’ has more than one meaning for the past twenty years).

The theme of our honeymoon seemed to be conquering fears of heights! I didn’t think I had any fears about heights, but that was before being suspended thousands of feet in the air under a giant balloon and some fire. It’s scarier than you think!!

Hot air ballooning!

It was also really, really fun! It was surprising how still and peaceful the air is way up there, and how much you can hear! Dog barks kept filtering up to us–apparently seeing hot air balloons really freaks them out.

I was so happy that we got the rainbow colored balloon!

I was surprised by how small the basket was, especially the sides! They came up to just below hip height so I was terrified of accidentally falling out.

I'm clinging to the side for dear life and we're not even off the ground

We had to get up before sunrise and it was super cold!

Luckily there was a big fire above me to keep warm!

Unfortunately there are no pictures of Steven because I was too afraid to let go to grab the camera!!

It’s a lot like sailing, which I guess makes sense, but I hadn’t thought about it like that before. You can control your height, but not your direction, so we landed in a random yard. Super exciting!!

The other part of our honeymoon involved a 3 hour ziplining adventure!!!! This part was also kind of intimidating because we were pretty high and also in charge of braking ourselves and keeping from spinning around and things like that! I think Steven and I did great!


Unfortunately, again, there are no pictures of Steven because he had the camera tied around himself, and it was sort of awkward to maneuver it over to me since we were trapped in all of these harnesses and straps and things.

We all know I am more photogenic than Steven anyway

It was a great time of year for it too, since all the leaves were changing color!

Rope bridge!

We also went on a food tour which included an exciting visit to an olive oil tasting room! I think Steven was the happiest ever. Plus lots of other fun stuff like the Don Cesar!!! Best honeymoon ever!!

One response to “Honeymoon Adventures!”

  1. Brian says:

    That’ll teach me to be sly to a Ladd!

    I had a chance to do a sunrise hot air balloon ride once (with the fam), but I was a teenager and chose sleeping in… obviously gotta save it for the right moment.

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