Thanksgiving: All Star Edition

You heard my rant about Thanksgiving last year. It essentially boils down to me not really liking most traditional Thanksgiving foods and refusing to eat them just for tradition’s sake. I wore a dress made out of paper bags and duct tape to my wedding reception, so you don’t even really stand a chance, Thanksgiving. Luckily, last year I became MASTER OF MY OWN THANKSGIVING and dragged the rest of my family with me.

Last year everyone attending made their favorite food (except my brother, who is deathly allergic to work) for the feast! This year, Steven and I are getting even more classy and amazing! Truly it is what I have always dreamed of, all the years I vowed to win my Thanksgiving independence. Steven and I decided to each pick an appetizer, main dish, and dessert and make them all!

Here is the menu:

Cheese sticks (me)
Samosas (Steven)

Caprese Sandwiches (me)
Chicken Noodle Casserole (Steven)

Chocolate Mousse Pie (me)
Strawberry Shortcake (Steven)

There are so many benefits to such a meal! Besides its utter tastiness, there’s the great variety, and the fact that I won’t be buying the same things as everyone else at the store so it is slightly less stressful to go shopping. Plus, many of these things can be made ahead of time, so I don’t think we’ll be jockeying for oven or counter space too much! I’ll post pictures on Friday to show how awesomely it turned out!

One response to “Thanksgiving: All Star Edition”

  1. Brian says:

    Booyah! I also hate most traditional Thanksgiving foods: turkey (so dry and boring), stuffing (confuses me), squash (except as decor). Cranberry sauce is okay but mostly it comes out of a can. I’m totally cool with sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie, but that’s because you douse sweet potatoes in like 2 cups of brown sugar and pumpkin pie is pumpkin pie.

    So I spent Thanksgiving dinner picking at my turkey and thinking, “it would be really great if Thanksgiving dinner was, everybody picks a course and brings their #1 favorite thing.” And now of course it turns out you already do this. Curse you!!!!!

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