1991 Reunion

I think I’ve mentioned before about how my preschool BFF and I were unknowingly reunited in grad school last year, mostly through my mom noticing that my current friend had the same name as my preschool friend. We lost touch when we both moved away from Charleston at the age of 4 or 5 and unknowingly became friends again when we sat next to each other in the same class in grad school! Clearly I had amazing taste in friends even in preschool!!! Anyway, one of the relics of our long history together is this amazing picture Megan’s mom saved:

Note Thomas in the background, being a potato

We tried to recreate this at our recent 1991 reunion:

As you can imagine, this recreation was fraught with difficulty

Thomas manfully attempted to mash himself up into a little potato-like ball, and Megan and I pretended to be short, but the 20 intervening years have made the illusion somewhat less than perfect. Plus, my apartment doesn’t have a fireplace or a big pink chair.

Also we couldn’t stop laughing:

3 responses to “1991 Reunion”

  1. mom ladd says:

    Too Cute!

  2. Karol says:

    Thanks Tricia!

    You make me so happy!

    I’m still laughing – too funny.

  3. Uncle Bill says:

    Thomas nailed the expression! Could have used more drool, though…….

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