Harry Potter Costumes!

Steven and I had an entire dinner-long discussion about what costumes to wear to the midnight showing of the last Harry Potter movie! Since this is potentially my last chance to dress as a Harry Potter character in a public place and not have people look at me like I’m a freak, I really wanted to do something cool. Of course, I also had limited time and resources, so here’s what I came up with:

Moaning Myrtle!

I was super happy with this costume because I assembled it for pretty much the cost of a toilet seat! The tie and white shirt are both Steven’s, and the sweater vest was $2 on clearance at target. It looked very different when I bought it, but I was able to cut off the sleeves and ridic neckline. The cloak I already owned from my highschool RenFest years, and the skirt (not pictured) I made myself out of some grayish fabric and a shoelace! Exciting!!!

Clearly there was only one character to choose for Steven, given his hair situation:

Sirius Black!!! Unfortunately he didn't make Crazy Gary Oldman faces the whole time

This costume was even easier since it was essentially just poster board and some extra large women’s pajamas I got on clearance and then cut up and resewed messily in places to give them a “just escaped from prison” look.

Megan went with us too! She dressed as “Harry and Hermione’s love child” which we named Herry Harmione Potter. Her wand really lit up when you flicked it which was super cool!

I like this picture because my hand looks like I might be turning into a ghost!!

For some reason we thought taking pictures AFTER the movie at 4 in the morning was a really great idea, which led to this picture that I now am at a loss to explain:

Possibly I decided that was some kind of ghost gang sign

Yay for homemade costumes!!

3 responses to “Harry Potter Costumes!”

  1. Rachel says:

    You all look fierce! I bet that three headed dog was jealous!

  2. mom ladd says:

    You all look so awesome! Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Karol says:


    Thanks for sharing!

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