The World of Coke

Last weekend Steven and I went to a wedding in Atlanta! The wedding was great, but probably Steven’s favorite part was getting to go to The World of Coca-Cola before driving home. For him, I’m pretty sure this was akin to a religious pilgrimage.

Oh great and powerful Coke, at last I have returned to your holy bosom!

Even though I kind of felt like I was walking through a giant commercial, some of the olde timey Coke memorabilia was pretty cool, as was the bottling process. And, of course, the Coke tasting room was mad fun! My favorite was definitely Melon Fanta from Japan. Or Peach Spirte from the Freestyle Machine. Least favorite: Beverly from Italy. Wikipedia is right, it totally tastes like battery acid.

Oh, also, there was this guy:

Pretty sure the Coke employee made this blurry on purpose so I'd have to buy the professional ones. Screw that!

Like any time I encounter someone in a big character suit (and, being from Florida, I’ve encountered my fair share) I can’t help but imagine the person inside and how much they must hate their life. Can’t really see, probably smells bad, you know it’s super hot. But I decided not to insult Steven’s religious beliefs by making a big deal out of it. Plus, now I have my picture with a polar bear!!!

Coke machine from the space station!

2 responses to “The World of Coke”

  1. mom ladd says:

    Super Fun!

  2. Brian says:

    Peach Sprite?!?!?!

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