Letter Writing During a Blizzard!

The best part about this New Year’s Resolution is that I have blog fodder for at least the rest of the month. Although some blog-worthy things happened yesterday. For one, snow!

Some of it had already melted by the time I woke up!

It wasn’t that much snow here, but of course people were all freaking out beforehand. Apparently there’s still “icy conditions” on the roads so it will be a fun drive to work later!

Also, my friend Meghan and I discovered that we were also BFF in preschool before we both moved away! Then her mom found all these preschool pictures of us! Crazy times.

Also, I’ve been writing letters!

Two of the letters I wrote this week were sort of unusual. One was to my brother in Houston, which will arrive in my signature cloud envelopes in a box, since I also had to send him this:

He made it at Glazed Expectations, the paint your own pottery place in Carrboro, and I’ve had it since Thanksgiving.

Hopefully it will arrive intact

The second was to my illustrator, who is having an art show soon in Minneapolis! Unfortunately, I can’t be there for it, so I knew I had to make an exciting card to congratulate her. It will arrive in this envelope I made out of fancy scrapbook paper:

I didn't assemble it exactly correctly, but it's the thought and that counts

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