Cupcake Lasagna

It’s a proven scientific fact: everything tastes better as a cupcake. And, as hard-hitting investigator Roque has long suspected, I have recently been diagnosed with cupcakephilia. That’s right; I can only eat things in cupcake form. It’s a terrible debilitation, but somehow I soldier on.

I used the recipe I found here at Can You Stay for Dinner? and it was so much easier than normal lasagna! The hardest part was definitely finding wonton wrappers, which are used instead of noodles. I ended up finding them at the Harris Teeter in the fancier, professor-populated part of town, in the produce section near the polenta and tofu. I thought stacking the ingredients in the cupcake tins would be hard or too messy but it ended up being really easy! I wish I had taken pictures of the process, but I was too hungry at the time!

Here is the finished product:

Like a tiny basket of tastiness!

I’m thinking about planning a party where everything is a cupcake. And inviting Roque.

3 responses to “Cupcake Lasagna”

  1. mom Ladd says:

    Send Recipe!! So Cool. Got my letter yesterday. So awesome. Went to Haslems yesterday. Love you

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