Christmas Bounty!

For once, I got some mail instead of sending it the other way! Exciting! Because Steven and I only brought one checked bag between us, we decided to ship a lot of the presents we got in H-Town to Carrboro instead of trying to get them all on the plane. The packages arrived today! It was like Christmas all over again!! Mostly because I’d forgotten a lot of what I got. Because some of it is ridic. Here are some pictures!

I wish I could show you the inside of this book but I would have to give you all PIRATE 3D GLASSES! It is mostly scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean

Oh my grosh you guys! I can now bake UP TO FOUR potatoes in the microwave now. Apparently.

Still kind of skeptical about this one.

I hope it's small enough to fit on the head of a pin

Steven got this in his stocking, and it is hilarious

“If you’re reading this book, you must be pretty smart. That’s because you’re wise enough to know exactly what you don’t know–and that’s weddings. It’s okay that you don’t know; you’re not supposed to. Unlike your fiance, you were not born and bred with the divine knowledge of all things nuptial–nor do you want to pore through book after thick bridal book.”(i). Thanks, Idiot’s Guide! I did not know that, as a woman, I was qualified at age 2 to be a weddingologist! The book kind of continues in this tone, like “we know, this is whack. But it’s just a girl thing you don’t have to understand. Just agree that turquoise and teal are totally, totally different things and back away slowly.” Also in the back there are ads for the Idiots Guide to being father of the bride, mother of the bride, and bridal vows, but nothing for me. Good thing I am already a weddingologist! And am not doing anything this book talks about at all. Except sending invitations. But they will be homemade and awesome.

Super classy right now, Steven!

As you can maybe tell, Steven’s stocking was more photogenic than mine.

So that's a vegetable peeler shaped like a bird, a plastic clamshell opener of varying usefulness, a corn cobber, and a corn brush

We have had corn maybe one time, but I guess now we will be making it more often? Or I will brainstorm other uses for a corn brush for its off days. The vegetable peeler actually works really well!

Bento lunch box!

Samurai chopsticks!

Magic Berry Tablets!

Apparently there’s some kind of magic fruit that, after you eat it, it makes all sour things taste sweet! They are pretty rare in the US, but Steven talks about them constantly so I bought him some for Christmas. We haven’t tried them yet since we haven’t amassed enough sour things to try, but I will report back on if they are really magical, and if so, how magical on a scale of one to ten. Ten being Harry Potter and One being Parents Against Bad Books In Schools.

Speaking of Harry Potter:

Yay!!! This is the main reason we couldn't fit things in our suitcase

I also got my three favorite books I read this year!

From left to right, and in descending order of awesome:
1) True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex
2) Un Lun Dun by China Mieville
3) Larklight: A Rousing Tale of Dauntless Pluck in the Farthest Reaches of Space by Philip Reeve

And, my favorite present from all of Christmas, MYTHICAL SHOES!!!! From Rhett and Link!!! It’s not every day your favorite band--well, kind of a band–makes their own awesome footwear!

They have wings so I can go SUPER FAST when I am half an hour late for class like yesterday

They have pockets on the back, and a little one on the side for my guitar pick. Super handy for when I wander around Carrboro with my ukulele serenading hipsters!

Best present ever!! Good job, Steven!

2 responses to “Christmas Bounty!”

  1. Caitlin says:

    Mara gave me the samurai chopsticks too!

  2. Brian says:

    Oh my gosh, those shoes are awesome. I presume they didn’t take up any room in the suitcase because they were ON YOUR FEET!

    Prepare for TSA fan letters!

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