A Slice of My Life

Naturally the entire reason I started a blog was because I assumed everyone was dying of curiosity about what it’s like to be me. Well, that, and because I hate seeing a list serv rep cry. Anyway, here are impressions of the last four hours of my life:

–While reviewing children’s non-fiction books that are older than 10 years, find Dave’s Quick ‘n’ Easy Web Pages, copyright 1999, which leads me to place numerous bets with myself about whether the numerous links it directs me to still exist. A sample:
Anything on Netscape: No
Angelfire: Yes?
Alta Vista: Yes
Geocities: No. Sad face.

–Completely baffled a dad when I instantly found the book he wanted just as he was about to despair. I described this event in loving detail on the blog I’m keeping for my advisor to grade, but all you really need to know is that someone else recognized that I have MAGICAL LIBRARY POWERS. And that my advisor clearly did not know he would be getting an epic saga when he assigned me to blog my field experience log.

–With my whole iPod to choose from, Trixie decides to only play The A*Teens on the way home. I go with it, since, for some reason, I still know all the words to all of their songs. I’m momentarily ashamed, then decide it is further proof that I am awesome.

–Steven has made Thai curry for dinner! It is even tastier because he also did all the dishes.

–Now I am updating my blog downstairs while listening to the quiet yet vehement cursing of Steven working on websites up in his office. Maybe he needs Dave’s Quick ‘n’ Easy Web Pages? It’s so quick, they don’t even have time for two-thirds of the letters in “and”! And the cover blurb is from the co-founder of Netscape! Maybe for his birthday.

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