13 Adventures: #8 Raspberry Chocovine Challenge!

After the success of last year’s Chocovine Challenge it was only a matter of time before we tried the same with Chocovine’s new flavor: Raspberry Chocovine!

As per normal Servery Challenge rules: contestants have ten minutes to make a drink that utilizes at least one shot of Raspberry Chocovine and anything else found in the kitchen. Drinks will be judged based on Tastiness, Presentation, and Creativity. Since there are no celebrity guest judges easily accessible in my apartment, a winner is decided through popular vote.

As per normal Patricia Servery Challenge strategy, I decided not to taste Raspberry Chocovine or indeed the drink I made until the actual judging. I figured it would just dash my spirits. GOTTA BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

The Entries:

Sprinkles!!!!! The only good part about this drink.

Contestant: Patricia
Drink Name: Cozy Winter Dream
Ingredients: Raspberry chocovine, milk, hot chocolate mix, raspberry vodka, whipped cream, sprinkles

Because it is so cold outside, I decided to go with a hot drink. This was a monumentally stupid idea. At first, all I could taste was whipped cream. Then, all I could taste was metal mixed with sugar. But at least it’s colorful!

This may look like a sundae... DON'T BE FOOLED

Contestant: Rachel
Drink Name: Mamma’s frappuccino
Ingredients: Raspberry Chocovine, Gran Gala, Raspberry Vodka, Chocolate sauce, marshmallows, whipped cream

By consensus, this tasted like an alcoholic chiclet balloon.

Best use of senior gift mug

Contestant: Joe, Servery Challenge Novice
Drink name: Razzputin
Ingredients: Raspberry Chocovine, Chambord, Milk, Heavy Cream, whipped cream

Basically, this just tasted like a slightly alcoholic raspberry Yoohoo. And I don’t know why that doesn’t exist already.

Steven, of course, had to make individual shots like a fancy person

Contestant: Steven
Drink Name: Sonic ChocoBlast
Ingredients: Raspberry Chocovine, ice, chocolate syrup, chopped chocolate, chambord, amaretto, heavy cream, whipped cream

Steven is the only person who would use all of those ingredients, a blender, and a fancy mixer with slicer attachment to make one drink, which mostly tasted like ice, with chocolate. Steven’s drink won, although he was sort of tied with Joe on taste, but not presentation. Naturally the voting system is the most informal possible.

Everyone agreed: Raspberry Chocovine is terrible. You know, in case you were planning on buying some. Regular Chocovine is also pretty bad, but can easily be made palatable. As long as you don’t put french fries in it. But Raspberry Chocovine was definitely harder to doctor. I’m pretty sure the winner we picked also had the least actual raspberry Chocovine per sample. Also the bottle is brownish pink. In all, I would not recommend it. At all. I have no idea what I’m going to do with the leftover.

3 responses to “13 Adventures: #8 Raspberry Chocovine Challenge!”

  1. Bova says:

    Who is Joe?!? Also, I’m going to do a servery challenge when Matt is visiting me in Gulf Breeze! We’re going to do tempura shrimp and vegetables because I went to a party with Japanese music students and they taught me! I’m so excited! I need to call you and catch up!

  2. Brian says:

    Okay, not only does Razzputin sound kind of good ish, but it also has by FAR the coolest name.

  3. Clearly you use the leftover raspberry chocovine to pour one out for yo dead homies

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