New Project: The Crayon is Mightier

So because I decided, crazily, that I don’t have enough self-imposed responsibilities on top of all the school/work/interning stuff, I’ve started a tumblr called The Crayon is Mightier to showcase my art. Yes, little known fact: I am an artist. I mainly work in crayons and coloring books. Pretty much exactly like a four-year-old except with hilarious captions. Here is a sample of my work:

Side bonus of this project: I get to teach true science facts.

Basically, I was sitting on a plane with crayons and a Planet Earth coloring book and realized that if I was going to color everything in it true to life, I would never get to use the many different shades of purple, and would pretty much run out of brown. Lame. So I decided to take it to the next level, and then share my unique vision with the world. I assume I will eventually acquire non-Planet Earth coloring books, but I’m okay making up alternate science facts for now.

Updating at midnight apparently whenever Tumblr feels like it, hopefully daily, 7 days a week. You’re welcome.

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