It’s the little things

November is the worst month. Ever. It’s cold. It’s close enough to the end of the semester that I suddenly become all about writing research papers. Everyone has Christmas stuff out already, so that I get annoyed by December 1st. I dislike turkey. NaNoWriMo is making me crazy. Whenever anyone asks me how I am, I can’t even muster the strength to blandly lie and just go “Bleeeeeeh”.

So, here are some little things:

1) Ever since I got my netbook (after my laptop decided to fulfill its lifelong dream of being a refrigerator by keeping its fan on at all times) I have been using Steven’s computer when he’s not home to be able to a) see everything on a freakishly huge screen and b) use Microsoft Office products. This has the added benefit of getting to fill his Pandora gadget with Lady Gaga to break up all that LOTR1-themed Euro pop/metal. You’re welcome, Steven.

2) Compiling course evaluations in my head. Some classes, thinking about writing that 15 minute evaluation, no matter how inconsequential it will actually be to the Powers of UNC, is all that gets me through.

3) The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex. I am a little more than halfway through this book, and it is AWESOME. Basically, aliens called The Boov conquer Earth. They oppress us, but it’s hilarious! Observe:

Gratuity Tucci, sassy eleven-year-old, is having none of that. Then she makes friends with an outcast Boov who has decided his “human name” is J.Lo. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. Best alien invasion ever. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

4) Coloring. And being happy that wordpress is not as temperamental as Tumblr.

5) Doing impressions of animals that are pretty much overlooked in the impressions world. Like the walrus. Or the sandpiper. Complete with exciting sound effects. The best part is leaping into Steven’s office and shouting “GUESS WHAT ANIMAL I AM!!!” I was surprised he got the walrus.

  • 1You’ll note that I’m nerdy enough to use the abbreviation LOTR but not nerdy enough to listen to German metal bands sing at least an entire freaking album about it. It can be a fine line.
  • One response to “It’s the little things”

    1. Bova says:

      I love the Boov alien video!! Also…I feel like Boov is really pretty close to Bova. That makes me happy.

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