The Week So Far in Pastiche

“I’m sure you’ve all had experience where you have friends and someone has a secret boyfriend…. it happens in research too”–my research methods prof, explaining how hard it is to anonymize your sources because people are apparently super curious and gossipy about where you do your research. Just like if you had a secret boyfriend. He also referenced Jersey Shore.

“I just walked by a car wash and it smelled like Wiess servery”–Rachel Kinney. I assume she meant like leftovers, antiseptic, and hurricane preparedness

Yes, this DOES mean my fridge is full of delicious cherry goodness again. Harris Teeter (or The Teet, as it is affectionately known in Carrboro) was briefly out of stock this weekend and Steven cried like a small girl who has just lost her My Little Pony SparkleFun Playset. But crisis averted, my friends! I went back late last night for an emergency run of:

1) Pickles (for sandwiches)
2) Chips (for salsaing)
3) Cheerwine (for medicinal purposes)

It tastes kind of like I imagine cherry Dr. Pepper would taste. But even more awesome.

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