Current Obsession: The Hunger Games

Sorry I have totally failed in doing anything remotely exciting this weekend to report. But not that sorry, because I think my time was well spent devouring The Hunger Games and sequels. I’m about half-way through the third book, Mockingjay right now, but I almost guarantee that I will finish it before Tuesday.

I know this has been a huge deal for freakin ever and I don't know why I'm just now getting to it

Actually, I do know why. Popular books like these, or Twilight take forever to get at the library. Sure, we own 146 copies, but there’s 759 requests on them. Also the brief description I read of it in the catalog made it sound too action-oriented for me to enjoy since I am usually all about the dialog. Luckily my YA Book Club decided to read this last month and I was able to borrow it from someone, because this is one YA-Lit obsession I can get behind for unironic reasons.

I think a lot of the fascination with this trilogy is the interestingness of the world Collins has created. In this dystopian future, the rich Capital rules over the poor 12 Districts in what is clearly a chilling version of America in the far (or not so far?) future. As an example of their control, the Capital hosts Hunger Games every year, demanding that a boy and a girl known as tributes from each district compete in a reality TV death match where public opinion and popularity can be just as important as fighting skills.

Then the sequel, Catching Fire:

I literally gasped out loud twice while reading this book. Steven thought I was choking.

Katniss realizes the full extent of the Capital President’s control over the Districts and has to make hard decisions about where she stands and what she stands for in the dangerous game of politics and public opinion she has been forced into.

I don’t think I’ve consumed a book at this pace since the 3rd Harry Potter book. It’s the kind of reading that kind of stresses me out. It’s rarely funny and there’s often a feeling of abject powerlessness that would be hopeless if Katniss weren’t so indefatigable, so driven to survive and to protect those she loves.

Debates about who should be cast in the various roles for the movie are so far inconclusive (there has been talk of Kristin Stewart), but, like the rabid fan girl I have apparently become this weekend, I can’t wait!

And now I must get back to Mockingjay.

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