Dream Interpretation #2

Dream #1
I dreamt that Taylor Johnson and two other guys I didn’t know burst into my apartment with guns and demanded all of our valuables. I tried to explain to Taylor and his friends—whom he insisted were his new street gang despite the fact that they were wearing polo shirts and had really gelled hair—that I didn’t have any valuables, but he didn’t listen. Then Steven distracted him by exhaustively telling him the plot of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode (which he will actually do in real life also, especially when we are out with normal people, I think because he enjoys being kicked under the table) while I ran in the other room to call the police. For some reason, the woman on the other end wanted me to describe their outfits in minute detail, and when I finally got back, Taylor’s “gang” had loaded up our “valuables” in a bunch of cardboard boxes. Most of the boxes contained kick boards and dice, so I was okay with that, but for some reason when they started piling up my cookbooks, I was ready to FIGHT TO THE DEATH. Then Taylor sighed and said, “Well, I guess since we were sort of friends in college or whatever I will just buy them off you” and gave me $20.

Taylor Johnson clearly represents THE PAST and his attempts to steal boxes of things that may or may not be my possessions represent my letting go of past relationships/places/memories. The kick boards probably represent me trying to Make It On My Own without any helpful crutches like parents or equally mothering educational institutions (Rice had MAID SERVICE, what was that about?). The dice probably represents me giving up a gambling habit so repressed that even I don’t know about it.

Dream #2
I was dogsitting for some unknown person who lived in the middle of the country and owned two houses right next to each other. The dog was maybe a small bear and could talk. It demanded that I cook it elaborate meals while it watched reruns of “Friends”. When I finally got it to go to bed, I went to the smaller of the two houses to take a shower. SUDDENLY I was chased out of the house and around the yard by a swarm of deadly, deadly bees, finally escaping into the larger house where the dog helped me secure all the doors and windows. The rest of the dream was the dog and I plotting how to sneak into the other house while the bees were distracted so that I could retrieve my shampoo because, in the dream, it was apparently my most valuable possession.

I care too much about my hair. And have started to internalize all the Clifford I deal with at work.

Seriously, if this dog were real, it would only be interested in rampaging, not cuddling.

2 responses to “Dream Interpretation #2”

  1. Uncle Bill says:

    Upon further review:

    Contrary to popular belief, Pladd’s hair and hair care products are not the central focus of the dreams.

    Note that in dream #1, Pladd is indifferent to her acquaintance absconding with her possessions, until he tried to take the COOKBOOKS! In dream #2, the bear shaped dog demanded that she “cook elaborate meals”, which would, of course, require COOKBOOKS that had been purloined in a prior dream!

    And now for the color commentary:

    You are anguishing over trying honey infused shampoo(THE BEES), and secretly want an anthropomorphic dog who resembles a bear (HELLO? “Winnie the Pooh”), but don’t know whether you can handle the responsibility of feeding the dog (ELABORATE MEALS), or, in your absence, entrusting the dog’s care to others (POLO CLAD, HAIR GELLED MEMBERS OF A STREET GANG, OR STEVEN).

    OR, or it could all mean something completely different.

    Thanks for the post! As always, thought provoking, and entertaining!

  2. I had a dream last night where I broke into the stately Wayne Manor and stole Batman’s Batcycle. He then pursued me in a different version of the Batcycle until I distracted him by releasing zoo animals near a children’s playground. I then escaped by ramping over a series of barbed wire chain link fences that separated Bruce Wayne’s neighborhood from a slum of indeterminate ethnic flavor.


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