Dreams I Had Last Night

Last Night’s Dream 1
So I was apparently going to UNC’s library science grad school… but at Rice, and living off campus, but eating dinner in the servery. I was sitting at a table with Rob, Rachel, and Bova, who were talking about a Spanish quiz that they had all apparently failed. I looked down at my plate and realized that the salad I had gotten had turned into three slices of chocolate banana cream pie, and went on a rant about how I shouldn’t have to buy a meal plan when I didn’t even go to Rice anymore. Bova agreed that it was stupid that she was required to come here and take Spanish when she lives in Indiana now, and Rob suggested we all just drive to Mexico instead, “for Spanish credit”. I agreed to drive, as long as I could also control the radio.

Clearly the fates want THE 434 back together again, and are telling me to make it so though my dreams. Also, my subconscious wants me to eat more salad.

Last Night’s Dream 2
I was outside Harris Teeter loading large pallets of yogurt into my car (apparently I had just bought their entire supply for some reason) when I got a phone call from Andrew Fox, who said he wanted to wish me a happy birthday. I said my birthday was in four months, and he said he was really busy so he was trying to knock out the easy things on his to do list early. He then apologized for not illustrating the children’s book about ducks I gave him (that part is actually real), and when I sarcastically said, “I KNOW, GOD, slacker,” he yelled at me for calling him at school. Just before he hung up, I heard the old sound the bell at my high school used to make, so I assume he was attending classes at St. Pete High for some reason. Then I realized while I had been talking to him, someone had stolen all of my yogurt.

The yogurt represents my childhood dreams, and my vain attempts to shelter them from the onslaughts of the real world. Clearly my subconscious is trying to tell me that Andrew Fox will play an unwitting part in their destruction. TOO BAD, Andrew. I am going to FIND Pangaea and its chocolate milk rivers, and you and your confusing phone calls will never stop me!

Yeah, I was pretty sure I could find Pangaea Indiana Jones style, and that it would have chocolate milk rivers. But if that doesn’t pan out, I think I could become a dream interpreter pretty easily.

2 responses to “Dreams I Had Last Night”

  1. Haha that Andrew one is pretty much exactly what would happen.


  2. mom Ladd says:

    Oh, how I needed this blog today. FCAT writing day!! The students are wild!!! Thank you for helping your old mother live through the day. Is James still coming for Thomas’s graduation?

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