Reasons I Do Not Update My Blog

1. I am in grad school

I spend all of my time in a building designed by M.C. Escher hearing people who haven’t worked in a library in 10+ years prattle on about “What IS information” and “the philosophical meaning of the public library” and how we decide what’s GOOD for our patrons, as if the very fact of BEING a professor in library science weren’t elitist enough. Sometimes other people talk and it is interesting. Most of the time other people talk and they are either A) trying to impress the professor and therefore incomprehensible, B) telling meandering and irrelevant stories about their personal lives, or C) both. When I am not there, I am at home reading the same thing but in written form, and pretending I agree for grades. Sometimes there are also practical assignments, which tend to take three weeks and twenty-five group meetings.

2. I have a job

I get paid to part-timedly do a full time job. It’s like being a public school teacher, but with even more complainy parents and way less vacation.


I don’t think this can be stressed enough

4. The Winterpocalypse is coming

The Weather Channel’s headline this morning was “Winter Misery”. I have decided to just prepare for a hurricane while wearing three sweaters.

5. You can’t believe everything you read

Interesting story: the runner up for the title of my blog was “The Daily Narwhal”. The joke would be that it would neither be daily, nor a narwhal. Hilarious!

Now I am going to read 100 pages of something about how “people negotiate their information needs”, buy batteries, and go to sleep for the first time in like two days.

2 responses to “Reasons I Do Not Update My Blog”

  1. mom Ladd says:

    Every morning I awake and hope there is a new post on Tricia’s blog. Today there were TWO!! Happy Day, happy day…

  2. The weather reports I was watching kept calling the cold front a “Triple Threat” for some reason. They never clarified what they meant by it so I just kind of assumed it was going to be a snowstorm that could sing and dance in addition to being able to act.

    Also, a post about how you don’t have time to post? I THINK MY MIND JUST GOT BLOWN

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