Writing Assignment: Create Your Own Planet

Essay excerpts:

My planet is called ChocolateLand because it is entirely made of chocolate. If you go there, you’ll have to meet everybody, but watch out! They will probably try to lick you because this is how they greet each other. Their food is sugar.

The kids on my planet get taught by wizards. They learn magic, fighting, growing plants, and hypnotism.

If you do something bad, you get sent back to Earth. Or you go to the mines, where they mine for water, which is very rare.

On my planet it rains dolphins.

3 responses to “Writing Assignment: Create Your Own Planet”

  1. Bova says:

    I love the idea of raining dolphins!!! AMAZING!

  2. Mom Ladd says:

    I like the idea of licking someone as a greeting. Actually on second thought, that is disgusting…


    Best world EVER??

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