Who Invented Numbers?: My math tutoring group decides

Boy: Who invented numbers?
Boy: Which president?
Girl: THE president!
Other Boy: I thought it was God.
Girl: Nu-uh!
Other Boy: God invented the president! So if the president invented numbers, GOD invented numbers!
Me: And what identity is that?
All: (general mumblings)
Boy: Ooh! Ooh! Transitive property!
Girl: I knew that.
Me: Good.

2 responses to “Who Invented Numbers?: My math tutoring group decides”

  1. Bova says:

    hahaha this conversation reminds me of my early music history class where the teacher was trying to tell us that Pythagoras “discovered” music. We were all like, what??? I personally think THE president discovered music.

  2. Mom Ladd says:

    This is amazing!! You would be proud of me. At Algebra Network I had to write a quick short story using a bunch of math terms. Out of a room of around 50 people, my short story was chosen as the best. When I started writing I said out loud, I wish Tricia was here. Love you, my math teaching Daughter!

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