Happy Emo Friday!

While archiving my old journals, I have come across two stellar premiers that have heretofore gone strangely unnoticed by the artistic and literary communities.

The first: my invention of emo comics in 2006, after a coworker at the library invited me to join the “Spinster Librarian Club”. Here was the comic response I drew in my journal of myself exiting the “Interstate de vie” (“writen in French b/c it’s classier”) onto Rural Route Spinster Librarian on the way to Scenic Alonesville. You can see my two library coworkers already ahead of me on the road:

You'll note that I include an explanatory note for our SE friends. Oh, past Patricia, always considerate

You'll note that I include an explanatory note for our SE friends. Oh, past Patricia, always considerate

Then, a mere year later, I first broke into the field of emo poetry for a THE 434 Emo Poetry Contest with this gem:

The Blind Gravedigger

By Circe Bloodtear

Ever waking
Never sleeping
Always weeping
Just in hearing
The sighs of desolate sorrow
They rend my heart
They plumb my soul
Wondering if there’ll
Be a tomorrow…
When the rain will wash away
Wash away
the blood
The blood you tore from my heart
As you crushed it in your fist
And threw it to ravenous swarms of
They also pecked out my eyes.

I don’t remember what the other entries to this contest were like or who won or even why we were having an Emo Poetry Contest to begin with. These were the early days of THE 434, before we chronicled our exploits in list form.

3 responses to “Happy Emo Friday!”

  1. Bova says:

    lol I love the drawing. I think you should start a real comic strip! Your drawing is good!

  2. Arin says:

    Thanks for the explanatory note, Patricia, I definitely wouldn’t have known it was a metaphor otherwise. Considerate indeed! 😀

  3. B says:

    Well, wasn’t I left out of the loop! What, my ultra status scare the 3 of you off? Well, pickles to you, missy. Off to sulk, remove your name from all the puppet shows and type a new label for your book. What looks good in front of -add?

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