Things That Are Actually Pretty Awesome: A Rare Moment of Optimism

Shockingly, yesterday I went the entire day without thinking something, someone, or some esoteric concept was out to get me. Possibly a record. So, in celebration of my new-found and probably short-lived lack of paranoia, I thought I would write about some things that are actually pretty awesome. (I assume they will all be part of Friday’s “Things That Spell Our Doom” after they turn on me tomorrow).

1. High fives

Did you know that they have an amazing Wikipedia article, complete with how-to pictures and multiple “variations”? I didn’t until I googled it in an attempt to find a hilarious picture and then forgot what I was doing. Anyway, yesterday I taught a kid how to do long division and when he finally got it, he gave me a high five. It was pretty awesome, and the best possible form of payment for my stellar services. You know, besides money.

2. Surprises

Usually, I am not a fan of surprises, probably because I am easily startled and therefore hate people jumping out from behind things. However, yesterday when I got home mad late, I found Steven Wiggins had surprised me with flowers:
and also surprised me with a three course meal! I don’t have pictures of that because I ate it too fast. Surprise food=always pretty awesome.

3. Rachel now lives a mile from me!!

Ridiculous, I know. I assume the other members of THE 434 will also randomly move here for their own reasons. Adventures are sure to follow. Personally, I’m hoping for another List.

7 responses to “Things That Are Actually Pretty Awesome: A Rare Moment of Optimism”

  1. Mom Ladd says:


    Your students will find success. You are a great teacher and work so well with young people, no matter what you are teaching them.
    Steven is AWESOME! Pretty flowers.
    Love that Rachel is so close by! I’ll get to see her when I am there visiting also!

  2. Bova says:

    434 reunion!!!!! I miss you guys!

  3. Brian says:

    Two things about that Wikipedia article.

    1. The “Too Slow” section is amazing.
    2. On the lip high five picture, that guy’s face…….

    That article was AWESOME.

    BTW back at Wiess. Singles be nice.

  4. Steven says:

    High fives are clearly worth more than mere money. Gandhi knew what he was talking about. Especially those under-table ones.

  5. Five fingers must be used in order to complete a high five. Using four fingers, for example does not qualify, but is sometimes referred to as a “high four”. The same rule applies for three or less fingers used. [Citation Needed]


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