Graduate Orientation: Dueling Perspectives

Dean of Admissions, Welcoming Speaker: In conclusion, your only limit is your own imagination!
(Actual quote. He probably thought it would be mad insightful when he heard it on Mighty Max reruns, which, incidentally, are all available on youtube. I know what I’m doing this weekend)

Old Science Guy, Keynote Speaker: You’d better be doing something you enjoy, because it’s probably just going to fail anyway.
(Seriously. His speech was a total of six minutes, and also included “Do you think I’m still doing this for the money? I’m a Nobel Laureate. I can do what I want. And that’s science. Look at this science I did today! And I’m 84. I’m done now.”)

One response to “Graduate Orientation: Dueling Perspectives”

  1. Oh man Mighty Max was AWESOME.

    I also remember his toy line. He was like Polly Pocket but if Polly Pocket WERE TOTALLY AWESOME

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