Sheet Dress: the Height of Classy

After shopping to no avail for something nice to wear to graduation, I decided to make my own dress, using the tutorial for the “Infinity Dress” found on rostitchery. Then, after abortive trips to the fabric store I decided my only option was clearly to make it out of my sheets. When am I going to need a rather worn set of extra long twin sheets again? And they were the right amount of stretchy. The result:

In retrospect, I probably should have washed them BEFORE sewing

In retrospect, I probably should have washed them BEFORE sewing

Oh well.


Unfortunately, after freaking out that you could actually see through the fabric, I made the top part–already oddly heavy–twice as thick. I’m not sure if it’s the best choice for the blinding desert sun that will be graduation since it IS EXACTLY LIKE wrapping my shoulders in a full sheet.

Although it does mean that for the past two nights I’ve been sleeping on top of my bare mattress in a sleeping bag. Oh, the memories.

2 responses to “Sheet Dress: the Height of Classy”

  1. I can’t decide if you’re doing a fish impression or trying to whistle in these pictures. Either way, SO FIERCE

    • pladd says:

      Everyone knows that’s my “I’m kind of confused because I’m wearing a nice dress and also wearing my kind of sketch sheets AT THE SAME TIME in Steven’s front yard to the confusion and delight of passing motorists” face.

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